Encoding::CompatibilityError in rails

<%= link_to '注销', :controller => :user, :action => :logout %>

this raises Encoding::Compatibility exception, and when i try

<%= link_to '注销'.force_encoding('utf-8'), :controller => :user, :action => :logout %>

this didn’t help, either. but this works

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  • <a href="<%= url_for :controller => :user, :action => :logout>">注销</a>

    why ??? i just can’t figure out WHY this happends and HOW to fix it. any ideas?? thanks!!!
    ruby version 1.9, rails 2.3.5

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Encoding::CompatibilityError in rails”

    I got similar errors before and it turned out that the file itself that contains the code is not using UTF8 encoding :(, so you’d better check the editor you are using as it might not be using UTF8 encoded files.

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