How to replace a pattern in a string

I built a page that is rendered differently depending on params. The logic is something like this:

<% if params[:x] == "1" %>
  <!--render version A-->
<% elsif params[:x] == "2" %>
  <!--render version B-->
<% elsif params[:x] == "3" %>
  <!--render version C-->
<% end %>

I want each version to have two links which link to the other two versions, so the urls should have different params. I have a url string original_url, which is:


and want to replace its parameter depending on params. The other two versions should be:


How can I eliminate the pattern ?x=[number] from original_url and replace it with something else?

For version 1, I could do

request.original_url.sub("?x=1", "?x=2")

and then

request.original_url.sub("?x=1", "?x=3")

but then that wouldn’t work on the other two versions.

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    I would do this for the links

    <%= ([1,2,3]- [params[:x]]).each do |link_number| %>
       <%= link_to "Version #{link_number}", "/page?x=#{link_number}" %>
    <% end %>

    This way everytime the page is loaded the link to the other 2 versions will exist.

    You could handle the partials through the controller (which seems better) or use something like:

    <%= render "version_#{['A','B','C'][params[:x] - 1]}" %>

    Without a better understanding of the problem I cannot assist beyond this point.

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