Rails Gem does not set the setter method

I tried to put up a Ruby Gem based on Railscast Episode 033 Making a Plugin. I got the gem created and uploaded to Rubygems.org as stringify-time, but the setter method is not working.

The GitHub Repo

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  • The main part of the gem

    module StringifyTime
      def stringify_time(*names)
        names.each do |name|
          define_method "#{name}_string" do
            read_attribute(name).to_s(:db) unless read_attribute(name).nil?
          define_method "#{name}_string=" do |time_str|
              write_attribute("#{name}", Time.zone.parse(time_str))
            rescue ArgumentError
              instance_variable_set("@#{name}_invalid", true)
          define_method "#{name}_invalid?" do
    ActiveRecord::Base.send(:extend, StringifyTime)

    A attribute symbol is passed in and getter and setter methods are created. The getter method works, but when I try to update the attribute through the form, the data is not saved.

    using the stringify_time method in the Task model

    class Task < ActiveRecord::Base                                            
      validates_presence_of :name                                              
      stringify_time :due_at                                                   
      # def due_at_string                                                      
      #   due_at.to_s(:db)                                                     
      # end                                                                    
      # def due_at_string=(due_at_str)                                         
      #   self.due_at = Time.parse(due_at_str)                                 
      # rescue ArgumentError                                                   
      #   @due_at_invalid = true                                               
      # end                                                                    
      def validate                                                             
        errors.add :due_at, 'is invalid' if due_at_invalid? # @due_at_invalid  

    When I uncomment the setter method I wrote manually, then I can edit the attribute.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Rails Gem does not set the setter method”

    Right after I tried to use the generated method in the rails console like @matjis-van-zuijlen suggested in the comments, I was able to update the due_at attribute. The issue was me not whitelisting :due_at_string in the controller.

    def task_params                                                                                                                                       
      params.require(:task).permit(:name, :due_at, :due_at_string)                                                                                        
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