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Ruby: How to set feedjira configuration options?

In the Feedjira 2.0 announcement blog post, it says that if you want to set the user agent, that should be a configuration option, but it is not clear how to do this. Ideally, I would like to mimic the options previously provided in Feedjira 1.0, including user_agent, if_modified_since, timeout, and ssl_verify_peer. http://feedjira.com/blog/2014/04/14/thoughts-on-version-two-point-oh.html With Feedjira […]

paperclip-dropbox gem throws wrong argument type

I’m trying to use the paperclip-dropbox gem here, and I’m having issues with the setup and passing my credentials. In the documentation, the setup in the model is done like so: class User < ActiveRecord::Base has_attached_file :avatar, :storage => :dropbox, :dropbox_credentials => “#{Rails.root}/config/dropbox.yml”, :dropbox_options => {…} end I have configured my dropbox.yml file and put […]

Can't find my ruby gems

I have been using gems fine. I use compass watch to map changes to my scss files to css files. I hadn’t used it for a week. I tried doing compass watch, and now its telling me compass isn’t installed. I did a gem list command and I only have six gems locally now. I […]

image not showing if there is a space between image name in rails with carrierwave

I am using carrierwave gem to upload images in rails. But my images are not showing in a slider if there a space between image name. Any help?

what is ruby-LDAP , what are its applications?

I am just about to finish my ruby book , quite stuck on LDAP topic. Does it require a server (localhost/active on internet) what is it for ?

Ruby features vs Java

I am a Java programmer using Ruby for the first time, and I have a few questions about how some features compare between the two languages. Is the notion of a constructor relevant in Ruby? If yes, how does the behavior compare to Java constructors? In Java, we generally keep separate .java files for different […]

puppet 3.8 community – how to install gems for master

We’re looking to use the deep_merge functionality, but the documentation says we need to install the gem through gem install deep_merge but also that we need to do a puppetserver gem install deep_merge. Given that we’re not running PE so don’t have the puppetserver command, how can I install the gem?

Use HTML instead of HAML with Ruby on Rails Happy Seed

How can I use html.erb instead of haml when using a rails application that is generated using happy seed?

specify db in gemfile rails app

I want to use postgres db for my local and production environment both. How should my gemfile look like for this case? Should I completely remove sqlite and just put gem pg or the development and production environment is required with pg? Please help.

How to scrape specific strings

I want to scrape a website, for the terms (“cats”, “dogs”, “zebra”), how do I do this? I want it the result to be all the instances of the given string, & maybe even a count. I could only find ways to do it by tags, but not inside of the tags. What program or […]

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